Alice Sielle copyright-2015

Manush V (One Creation) 2016


These paintings are part of an on-going series

for the One Creation project.

They are all oil on canvas, 60x60cm, 2015-2016



Manush VI (One Creation) 2016

Manush II 90x90cm 2015 collection R.and L.Scott jp Manush III, low, 2015. 90x90c 36x36 Manush IV, low oil on canvas 90x90cm, 36x36 high VI .90x90cm.36x36 low V, 2016

Manush II (One Creation) 2015

Manush IV (One Creaton) 2015

Manush IV (One Creation) 2015

L. Manush VII (One Creation)2016 60x60c oilon canvas

Manush VII (One Creation) 2016