Alice Sielle copyright-2015

One Man Shows


1974  Selwood Gallery, Frome

1978  Cricklade College, Andover

1980  General Trading company, London

1981  Lowes Court Gallery, Egremont

1982  Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery

1983  Abbot’s Hall Gallery, Kendal

1985  Mildred’s Wine Bar, London

1986  St. Paul’s School, London

1989  Half Moon Theatre, London

           Thumb Gallery, London

1992  Austin/Desmond Gallery, London

1994  Dead Horse I & Dead Horse II

1995  Wodka Restaurant, London

           Lying Knave, Tredegar Square

1996  Lying Knave II, Tredegar Square

           Dancing Sacrifice, Tredegar Square

1997  Wodka  Restaurant, London

           Exhibition for Shelter, Tredegar Square

1997  The Divine Couple, Tredegar Square

1998  Dog show, Tredegar Square

           Hidden Art, Tredegar Square

2001  Suddenly Figurative, Tredegar Square

2002  Stan, 13 monotypes at Baltic Restaurant, London

2003  The Camouflage Stiletto, Tredegar Square

2004  The Stations of the Cross, Globe Centre, London

2005  The Stations of the Cross, St. Matthew’s Church,  


2005  Sex at a Price, 93 Gallery, London

2006  Nicholson /Sielle , Tredegar  Square

2007  175 Small Blue Drawings, Tredegar Square

2008  Flying Angels, Tredegar Square

           Flying Angels, SE1 Gallery, London

2009 The Big Bang and  All That, Tredegar Square

2010 Six Ravens and a Website, Tredegar Square

2012 Works on Paper, Tredegar Square

2013 Whist I'm Alive, Tredegar Sqaure

2013 Snake, The Garden of Eden, NSHarts

2014 Manush NSHarts

2015 Nazrul/Blake Manush II NSHarts

2015 Sea Monster, Tredegar Square

2015 Brick Lane monotypes, Altab Ali.

        Kobi Nazrul Centre

2016 Vrindavani Vastra, new lino prints,

        Tredegar Square

2017 Platinus x acerifolia, the London plane tree,

         Brady Arts Centre                          



Mixed Shows


1973  Westward TV Open Art Exhibition

1974  Pictures For Schools , National Museum of  

           Wales, Cardiff

1977  Tolly Cobbold Eastern Arts

1978  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

1981  Creative Cumbrian, Whitehaven Museum

1983  Thumb Gallery, London

1984  Austin/Desmond Fine Art, Ascot

           1st International Contemporary Art Fair,  


1987  First Showings, Thumb Gallery, London

1998  Hidden Art

1999  Painting by Numbers, Brunel University

2002  Animals, North house Gallery, Manningtree

2005  Turn-up Prize, St. Paul’s Gallery, Bow

2006  In Colour, 93 Gallery, London

2007  Art Pavilion Summer Show, Mile End Park

2008  Flying Angels Film, North Norfolk Music

           Festival, South Creake

2010 Christmas Show, North House Gallery

2012 10x10 Drawing The City London

2012 The Piper Gallery New Possibilities:  

         paintings from the Seventies

2013 10x10 Drawing The City London

2016 Altab Ali at the Brady Centre, London E1

2016 Aviary at Transitions Gallery London E8

2017 One Creation, first performance. St.      

        Marylebone Parish Church 26.7.18

2018 Hope not Hate, Brady Arts Centre 4-29 May

2018  Naked:War 11.4.18-11.5.18  NSHarts                                        





Southern Arts

Northern Arts

V&A Purchase Grant for Abbot Hall, Kendal





Medical Research Unit, Harrow

Homerton Hospital, Hackney

Cardiff University Faculty of Science and Technology

St. Barnabas Church, Bethnal Green





The Stations of the Cross for St.Barnabas Church, Bethnal Green, London